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How Can I Get Out Of The Friend Zone With A Girl?

“How can I get out of the friend zone with a girl?” It’s a question heard around the world.

The stories tend to all start the same way…

You found this girl who you desperately want to make your girlfriend, and you decided to do anything and everything to win her over. The more she resisted, the nicer you became, thinking that if she saw this awesome side of you that she would eventually come to her senses.

Each time she pushed you away, you came back even nicer, lowering your threshold for pain and enduring weeks, months, and possibly years of her falling in an out of relationships with the wrong guys.

Each time a relationship burned up in flames, you put on that happy face, became the shoulder to cry on, her rock in time of trouble, and explained to her why any guy would be lucky to have her.

According to, the friend zone is more a frustrating position than it is a “relationship”. The good news is, you have the ability to change this position easily if you know how.

Escaping That Dreaded Friend Zone

There is really only one way to get out of the friend zone, and that is to decide it is time to leave. If you do not start making some serious changes today, she will continue to assume you will always be there.

Think about it for a minute…

If you had a girl who would do just about anything for you, regardless of how you treated her, and without giving her any commitment whatsoever, what is your motivation to be her boyfriend if you have everything you want from her already?

She is never going to just wake up one day and realize you are the perfect guy for her. She has the best of both worlds right now. She is dating wild bad boys, and even though she gets hurt each time, she has a good guy whose shoulder she can cry on. Now is the time to stop being that rock!

Time To Make Drastic Moves

The only way you can escape the friend zone with a girl is by showing her, not telling her, that she is about to lose someone that truly is boyfriend material.

To start, make yourself scarce. Don’t be there every time she has an issue with a guy. Instead, start making an effort to hang out with other girls who really connect with you and go have fun.

The next time she asks for your ear, tell her you’re heading out the door for a date and will try to get back to her in a few days. This will instantly set off the bells in her head because someone else has your attention, and you’re not just dropping everything to listen to another one of her sob stories.

She might be pissed at first, hating the fact that another woman has moved in on her rock. Do not give in at this point and do not go running back just because she showed a glimmer of jealousy.

At, experts explain to men that you have to show her you have a life, and you have to be prepared to move on. To escape the friend zone, you have to project confidence, be positive, and show the world you are choosing the women you want to be around from now on.

Shifting Her Focus To You

Once she realizes you have moved on, it is going to sting her at first, and she will text and call you crying every chance she can about how you are not the friend you told her you were. Hold your ground. This is similar to the child throwing a tantrum when their toy has been taken away and given to another child.

To get her to realize what she could be losing, you need to do the opposite of what you are doing now. Her brain will force her to make that tough decision: let you go or finally let you out of the dreaded friend zone and commit to a loving relationship with you.

Look at it this way: if you try this effective method and she doesn’t come back, you find out now that you never had a chance of getting out of the friend zone. You save yourself an eternity of being her wet sponge.

However, if it works, you get her to realize you are the person she should be with today, and you don’t have to endure night after night of endless stories about how the next guy used, abused, and broke her heart.



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